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Project Management for Engineering Design (Morgan & Claypool Publishers)

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This lecture book is an introduction to project management. It will be of use for engineering students working on project design in all engineering disciplines and will also be of high value to practicing engineers in the work force. Few engineering programs prepare students in methods of
project design and configuration management used within industry and government.  This book emphasizes teams throughout and includes coverage of an introduction to project management, project definition, researching intellectual property (patent search), project scope, idealizing & conceptualizing a design, converting product requirements to engineering specifications, project integration, project communications management, and conducting design reviews. The overall objectives of the book are for the readers to understand and manage their project by employing the good engineering practice used by medical and other industries in design and development of medical devices, engineered products and systems. The goal is for the engineer and student to work well on large projects requiring a team environment, and to effectively communicate technical
matters in both written documents and oral presentations.  eISBN 9781598291759

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