Picture of Electromagnetic Waves and Lasers (Morgan & Claypool Publishers)

Electromagnetic Waves and Lasers (Morgan & Claypool Publishers)

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This book was written for a specific target audience of readers. There are many textbooks written on electromagnetic waves, lasers, and related topics. With regard to lasers, probably the most comprehensive and authoritative book is Lasers by A E Siegman (University Science Books, Mill Valley, CA, 1986). However, at 1281 pages, this book can be formidable reading even for the most ardent student of the subject matter. While other textbooks may not be as lengthy, the details that need to be covered to thoroughly explain the technical concepts can still entail a concentrated reading effort. This can be a quandary for readers who are interested in learning more about electromagnetic waves and lasers, but who do not wish to expend or cannot afford the time and effort required to read these textbooks. This book is written for those readers.  eISBN 9781681746135


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