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ELW SET B (EG3.0-2017, EG3.0 SUPPLEMENT AND QC11-2017)

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EG3.0:2017 GUIDE FOR THE TRAINING OF WELDING PERSONNEL; SENSE LEVEL II-ADVANCED WELDER -This guide contains information to assist training organizations in the development and administration of a modular, competency-based training program that leads to the training certificate of trainees in accordance with the requirements of AWS QC11, Specification for Qualification and Certification of SENSE Level II—Advanced Welders. ISBN: Print: 978-0-87171-973-7 ISBN PDF: 978-0-87171-974-4

EG3.0:2017 SUPPLEMENT SENSE LEVEL 2 - ADVANCED WELDER TRAINING PERFORMANCE TESTING PROCEDURES The goal of this supplement is to improve welder training by using and teaching the application of AWS Standard Welding Procedure Specifications (SWPSs) related to the SENSE Level II—Advanced Welder workmanship and performance qualification tests. This supplement provides a recommended Workmanship or Performance Qualification Technique Sheet and accompanying SWPS where available for most Level II welder performance qualification tests. SENSE workmanship and performance qualification tests are part of the completion requirements for trainees who seek to achieve AWS SENSE Advanced Welder credential. These procedures are provided for educational use only. They shall not be used by employers for welder performance qualification tests nor for production welding. ISBN: 978-0-87171-951-5

QC11:2017 SPECIFICATION FOR QUALIFICATION AND CERTIFICATION OF SENSE LEVEL II - ADVANCED WELDERS- This standard defines the requirements for the American Welding Society to enter a SENSE Level II—Advanced Welder into the AWS Sense Certificate Database. It also specifies the responsibilities of the training organization and the trainee in the SENSE credential process. AWS QC11 is the governing specification for AWS EG3.0, Guide for the Training of Welding Personnel: SENSE Level II—Advanced Welders. ISBN: Print: 978-0-87171-971-3 ISBN PDF: 978-0-87171-972-0

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