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AWS Fundamentals of Welding Curriculum

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The AWS Fundamentals of Welding Curriculum is a newly-created collection of print and digital educational resources and learning tools designed for welding instructors and students at the high-school and technical college level. The individual components of the curriculum package align with the governing standards of the SENSE program and were created and reviewed in tandem with SMEs and welding education professionals. Whether your school is currently part of the SENSE program or you’re simply looking to improve your current welding program, this curriculum can help you deliver quality instruction in an effective and structured manner. 

The AWS Fundamentals of Welding curriculum package consists of the following: 

Print Material

• 25 copies of the Fundamentals of Welding textbook
25 copies of the Fundamentals of Welding Lab Manual – 100+ guided laboratory activities 
Classroom posters – 8 informational and 4 decorative/inspirational

Digital Material

74 online modules and 18 instructional videos: 
Curriculum Orientation - 1 Module
Introduction to Welding - 1 Module
Welding Safety - 9 Modules
Welding Symbols & Joint Design - 32 Modules
SMAW- 4 Modules | 3 Videos
GMAW- 4 Modules | 3 Videos
FCAW- 4 Modules | 3 Videos
GTAW- 4 Modules | 3 Videos
OFC- 4 Modules | 2 Videos
PAC- 4 Modules | 2 Videos
CAC-A- 4 Modules | 2 Videos
Discontinuities- 2 Modules
Visual Inspection - 1 Module

Instructor Resources

100+ detailed lesson plans 
12 extensive PowerPoint slide decks
A compendium of Health and Safety Fact Sheets for Welding Education
Standards and supplemental documents (SWPSs, ANSI Z49.1, student assessment checklists)

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For corporate and institutional sales, contact sales@aws.org

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